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Made From Lactofermented Whey Molkosan Assists In Promoting Better Digestive Health It Can Be Taken Either Alone Before Or Alongside A Probiotic Supplement..
Ex Tax:R136.95
OsteoEze Acute Inflammatory Support 30 Tablets eases joint aches strains and sprains and is perfect for sports people rheumatoid arthritis sufferers and those suffering from acute rheumatic symptoms Builds and maintains healthy cartilage and reduces pain..
Ex Tax:R118.99
Kolorex Advanced Care Horopito Extract 30 Softgel Capsules effectively combats recurring vaginal thrush..
Ex Tax:R359.90
Avogel Allergy Formula Hayfever And Sneezing Drops 30ml Is A Homoeopathic Medicine For The Treatment Of Hayfever Sneezing And Skin Allergies..
Ex Tax:R119.98
Piascledine is used in adults for the relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis such as pain and difficulties when moving..
Ex Tax:R319.99
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Calc Sulph 125 Tablets is a blood and tissue cleaner that combines essential minerals to help treat and prevent suppurating skin conditions pimples abscesses slow healing or weeping sores and postnasal drip..
Ex Tax:R62.99
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Combin 12 125 Tablets is a general tonic that combines 12 super vitamins and minerals to help prevent illness and promote good health and vitality..
Ex Tax:R76.99
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Combin Fatigue Exhaustion 125 Tablets is a homeopathic medicine used treat stress mental and physical fatigue sleeplessness and nervous tension Dr Schusslers biochemic tissue salts provide safe doses of the minerals essenti..
Ex Tax:R80.90
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Ferrum Phos 125 Tablets combines essential minerals to prevent and treat inflammation sore throats mild fever and throbbing headaches It can also be used to help with iron deficiency simple anaemia and weak body tissue..
Ex Tax:R59.98
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Kali Mur 125 Tablets helps prevent and treat thick white mucous discharges respiratory congestion skin eruptions and oral thrush..
Ex Tax:R62.99
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Kali Sulp 125 Tablets is a combination of essential minerals to help treat and prevent yellow greenish mucus discharges dry scaly skin or scalp cradle cap..
Ex Tax:R62.99
Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts Nat Phos 125 Tablets is a special combination of minerals to help prevent and treat acidity heartburn indigestion gout and rheumatic complaints..
Ex Tax:R58.98
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