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Plantur 39 PhytoCaffeine Shampoo Coloured and Stressed Hair 250ml is a phytocaffeine shampoo that combats the cause of postmenopausal hair loss for women aged 40 plus It activates hair roots while washing and rejuvenates coloured stressed hair..
Ex Tax:R164.99
Strengthens The Hair And Helps To Prevent Hair Loss The Caffeine Is Proven To Be Detected After Being Left On The Scalp For As Little As 120 Seconds Stimulates Hair Roots And Immediately Provides Hair With More Grip..
Ex Tax:R110.99
Mera Amla Oil Hair Food 100ml Strengthens And Revitalises Hair And Moisturises The Scalp..
Ex Tax:R35.98
Head Shoulders AntiDandruff Shampoo Classic Clean 200ml perfect for everyday use The actizinc formula not only effectively fights the cause of dandruff but also gives you balanced scalp and beautiful hair..
Ex Tax:R48.99
Dr Wolff Alpecin Liquid 200ml Is A Caffeine Liquid Hair Energizer Its Caffeinecontaining Active Ingredient Strengthens The Hair Roots And Contributes To Extending The Growth Phases In Hereditary Hair Loss It Also Preserves Vigorous Hair Growth..
Ex Tax:R129.98
Easy Waves Coconut Hair Food 125ml Promotes Beautiful Strong Hair Enriched With Coconut Oils It Has Been Specially Formulated To Moisturise Condition And Nourish Your Hair And Scalp Helping To Soften Dry And Brittle Hair..
Ex Tax:R17.99
Easy Waves Coconut Hair Food 250ml Is Specially Formulated To Moisturise Condition And Nourish Your Hair And Scalp Enriched With Coconut Oils It Helps To Condition And Soften Hair As Well As Prevent Dryness And Reduce Breakage..
Ex Tax:R36.99
Head Shoulders AntiDandruff Conditioner Apple Fresh 360ml is specially formulated to help nourish hair from root to tip and leave it gently fragranced with apple It also helps keep hair free of embarrassing flakes and leave it looking beautiful..
Ex Tax:R74.99
Dr Wolff Plantur 39 Conditioner 150ml brings you specialised help for fine and brittle hair It is formulated with restorative white tea corn and wheat to help regenerate the surface of hair over 40 and increase its resilience..
Ex Tax:R165.99
Head Shoulders AntiDandruff Conditioner Citrus Fresh 360ml is antidandruff conditioner that’s been specially formulated for greasy hair It not only tackles the cause of your dandruff it also gives you a balanced scalp and nourished hair..
Ex Tax:R74.99
Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo 200ml Has Been Specifically Formulated To Achieve The Double Action Of Fighting Dandruff As Well As Hair Loss Contains A Caffeine Complex That Strengthens Hair At The Root..
Ex Tax:R132.99
LOreal Elvive Nourishing Shampoo 400ml is enriched with 6 micro flower oils that transform and nourish dry hair Resulting in hair that feels smooth supple and perfectly tamed..
Ex Tax:R83.95
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