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How to use:  Apply Daily or before special eventsBENEFITS:   Anti-Wrinkle   Slows the process of age down for younger people   Quick Fix ASWELL as working in the longrun ..
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HOW TO USE:   Apply onto face after you washed your faceConcept:   Very mild toner contains no alcohol   Natural anti-pigmentation and skin lightning extracts  Witch Hazel: closes pores, anti-inflammatory, don’t wipe offBENEFITS:    pH Balancing  ..
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 How to use:   Apply twice daily after washing face in the   morning be-fore applying mascara and at   night after removal of mas-cara and    application of skin care products. BENEFITS: &n..
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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Mandelic acid: Is a wonderful ingredient for the fight against acne because of its unique anti-bacterial action.Bacteria in clogged pores is the root cause of acne, pustules, and black heads on the skin's surface.Like other Alpha Hydroxil Acids, it provides an exc..
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Moja  Regini Rx Serum
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Apply twice daily after washing face BENEFITS:    A powerful regenerating, healing and anti-inflammatory treatment that protects the DNA of skin cells against daily stress induced   by UV irradiation and free radicals –the new bodyguard of the sk..
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This is the first step in your skin routine     Apply Morning and Night Benefits:  Apply after wash, toner and serum. Wait for cream to be absorbed before applying moisturiser.SPF 30 (provides 97 % protection) Must be reapplied every..
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Moja  Smooth Skin Moisturiser
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How to use:Apply morning and evening after Serums, Capsules and Skin Protect Teenagers pm onlyBenefits:Retextures all skin irregularities, visibly enhances skin renewal and cellular regeneration Glycolic acid helps control acne, breakouts and/or problem prone skin by clearing blocked pores Moistu..
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Moja Bright eye gel
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Apply morning and evening after Cleanser BENEFITS:   Skin lighting   A dramatic reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and the signs of aging   Brightening and clarification of age spots, dullness and uneven pigmentation   Peptid..
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How to use:   Gently apply to skin after you was your face. If it is too harsh use the product less BENEFITS:    Removes excess -sebum and dead skin cells.    First step to prepare skin to absorb active ingredients.&nbs..
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Benzac AC 5 Gel 40g is used for the treatment of acne This waterbased gel contains benzoyl peroxide which has in vitro bactericidal activity and keratolytic properties reducing the concentration of free fatty acids in the sebum..
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