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Carnation 9 Corn Pads Are Made With Medicalgrade Chiropody Felt And Help Relieve The Pressure On Painful Corns The Protectors Are Perfect For Toes And Come With A Hypoallergenic Adhesive Suitable For Sensitive Skin..
Ex Tax:R64.99
Kroko Corn And Callus Remover 15g uses salicylic acid and lactic acid to help with the removal of unsightly corns and calluses Safe athome treatment..
Ex Tax:R48.90
Carnation Corn Caps 5 Dressings Are Each Coated With 36mg Salicylic Acid To Help Remove And Treat Corns Warts And Callouses The Felt Pad Helps To Provide Instant Relief Clinically Proven..
Ex Tax:R36.90
Kroko Corn Protectors have foam cushioning to help reduce the pressure on painful corns and calluses..
Ex Tax:R45.90
Kroko Foot Powder 100g is specially formulated to keep feet dry and odourfree This hygienic and fresh powder contains purified talk and zinc stearate..
Ex Tax:R44.99
Karroo Heel Balm 150ml is specially formulated with 10 urea to help soften and repair dry and rough skin on your feet and heels With regular use your feet are left softer and smoother..
Ex Tax:R48.90
Carnation Verruca Wart Remover 12 Applications Is A Freezing Spray That Helps You Quickly And Effectively Remove Warts And Verrucas With 1 Treatment Simply Spray On And Watch Your Wart Or Verruca Disappear Within 10 14 Days..
Ex Tax:R289.90
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